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Zombie Safari Hayride

Take a tour with the Zombie Safari Company. Witness live (or at least un-dead) Zombies up close from the comfort of your own Zombie Safari Vehicle.
Upgrade your hayride experience by adding the Paintball Option which is an interactive themed area that is part of The Zombie Safari Hayride. You will be given a paintball gun and ammo to shoot zombies when they attack. Choose the Paintball Upgrade Option in the Premium Attractions and Upgrades Section for $10.

Prison of the Dead

Take a tour through the now condemned Willow Glen State Penitentiary a.k.a Prison of the Dead. This massive 50,000 square foot mega haunted house is one of the largest in the East Coast!
Zombie World has renovated the facility and the cells are now used to hold Zombies for your viewing pleasure. Your tour will begin when you board an actual prison inmate bus that will transport you to the entrance of the Prison. How does it end? Come see for yourself

Unknown 2.0

The Unknown 2.0 is the next level of fear! Face your worst fears and phobias! Not scary enough for you? Then take the Almost Naked and Scared Challenge! If you’re brave enough, you can tour The Unknown 2.0 in nothing but your underwear! This will heighten your vulnerability and take fear to a whole new level!
*Please Note: The Almost Naked and Scared Challenge is an internationally recognized EXTREME haunted house experience. It is offered Friday’s and Saturday’s and is only available at 7:00 PM before guests go through the attraction in the regular option. You must be 18 years of age or older and must sign a waiver. You will enter with your group only. Limited tickets available each night. Security located throughout the attraction for your safety.

Ground Assault

Shocktoberfest has once again raised the bar in haunted entertainment! We have taken the first person shooting video game and brought it to real life! You will be given a high power multi optional tactical laser gun to control the escaping Zombies. If you like zombie shooting video games or just hate being attacked by zombies, you are going love Ground Assault: Zombie Laser Tag. Please note that due to the high level of interaction of this attraction you must be at least 9 years of age to participate.

Zombie Experience

Where you become the Zombie! The scientists at Zombie World have created a serum that will temporarily transform you into a Zombie then placed next to real zombies in our attractions allowing you to scare other visitors. (We will supply all Costumes and Makeup.)
The Zombie Experience tickets are limited and are sold on a first come basis.

The Zombie Night Run

You will be given a flag football belt that represents your Brain, Heart, and Entrails. Run for your life through the hayride trails that are filled with Zombies that will try to eat your vital organs (capture your flags).
The Zombie Night Run has one wave each night at 7:00 PM. There are no obstacles or mud (just lots of zombies!) Not a runner?No problem as long as you keep moving!

The Monster Midway

More than just a haunted house, this 27 acre Screampark is loaded with activities for the whole night. Play games, have your free photo taken, and enjoy some delicious food at Shocktober Feast and Shocker’s Café . Did we mention we have REAL restrooms?!?! No porta-potties here. But beware of the Scare Zones as there is no safe place on the Monster Midway!!!

Midway Massacre- Scare Zone

There is something wrong on the Monster Midway. This unavoidable Scare Zone on the Monster Midway will definitely keep you on your toes! Proving once again there is no safe place at Shocktoberfest!

ShocktoberFEAST: Shockers Café & Food Trucks

Make sure you come hungry because no one give you more food options than Shocktoberfest! Check out the Pulled Pork or Roast Beef Sandwich at Uncle Buck’s, Grilled Sticky Buns at the Cinnamon Roll Truck, Street Tacos at Tijuana Taco??, Mac & Cheese at The Biggest Cheese, Fresh Cut Fries at Flava Fries plus all the favorites such as Funnel Cake, and Fried Oreos! Click here for complete menu options.

ShocktoBARfest – The Beer Garden

Shocktoberfest has created a relaxing area on the Monster Midway for lovers of Boo’s, Booze, and Brew’s featuring a full bar and local micro brews! Open Friday’s and Saturday’s in September and October.

Games & Five Minute Escape Room

Club Shock

If you like music, you are going to love Club Shock. Check out our band listing and dates to see who will be performing and when. Club Shock will also be home to ShocktobBREWfest – September 21st, Shocktober Music Fest – October 5th, iHeart Media Monster Bash -October 19th, and Ghouls HGon Wild Drag Show – October 26th. Club Shock is also available for private parties. Perfect for families, friends, co-workers, fraternities and sororities!

West End Stage

Premium Attractions & Upgrades

Zombie Paintball Hayride

This option takes you to an interactive themed area that is part of The Zombie Safari Hayride where you will be given a gun and paintballs to shoot at live zombies.

Maintenance Shed (5 Min Escape Room)

Your group must work together to solve clues to escape before time runs out!
The Head Caretaker of Zombie World, Carmine Everbleed has a secret…
It seems he likes to grab unsuspecting guests and lure them into his maintenance shed to torture and feed to the zombies. He has turned off the security system. You and your group must work together to decipher clues to figure out how to turn back on the security system and escape before Carmine returns in 5 minutes.

Prison of the Dead Escape (60 Min Escape Room)

An Escape Room Experience that is a separate time-ticketed event that starts at 5:00 pm. Advanced online time-ticketed registration is required at time of online ticket purchase.

Shock’s Tailgate Party & VIP Parking


Experience a full body massage-like experience that only Shocktoberfest can deliver! You will be placed in a private chamber where your “masseuse” will give you a deep tissue massage that takes you somewhere between pleasure and pain. Some might even call it torture. Traditional oils are replaced by warm blood. This is an extreme experience and will include, intense music, extreme environmental conditions and full body contact. Must be 18 or older and sign a waiver.
15 Minute Session $39.00 per person
30 Minute Session $59.00 per person